Our indoor gardening experts have the knowledge and tools available to help all indoor gardeners succeed.
From the initial setup to yearlong maintenance, Grow Kings have what it takes to bring your indoor garden to life.  

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WE OFFER In Home Consultations

From grow lights to grow mediums, our expert cultivators can help.
Our consultants offer in home evaluations to ensure you have everything you need to
successfully set up your indoor garden space.  

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WE Help bring sustainable & Organic
Gardening together Indoors

Whether you are new to indoor gardening, a hobbyist, or a commercial grower,
Grow Kings have the experience and products to properly setup and maintain your eco-friendly grow room. 

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All 6,000 of our indoor gardening products available for sale online can be shipped directly to your home or commercial facility.
If you are looking for products from the biggest name suppliers within the indoor gardening industry, Grow Kings has you covered.

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Grow Kings: We make Indoor Gardening Easy

Are you a novice gardener, hobbyists, or commercial grower? Do you have questions about getting started gardening indoors or do you want advice on how to incorporate new plants into your existing garden? Have you thought about what it takes to bring your love for outdoor gardening indoors? If you answered yes to any of the above, you are in the right spot!     

Grow Kings Experienced Cultivators

Everything you Need to Grow Indoors

In-house cultivators are available to lend their knowledge and expertise to clients every day. Whether you have questions regarding how much space is necessary for an indoor garden or the best nutrients to use for different crops throughout your hydroponic greenhouse the professionals at Grow Kings can help. We have years of growing experience and are passionate about sharing what we have learned throughout the years with you.

Our staff is always willing to provide you with recommendations on the latest and greatest indoor gardening equipment and supplies; we thrive on making sure our clients have access to all the best gardening techniques. With over 6,000 products from the biggest names in the industry, in store or online, Grow Kings has the supplies and equipment your garden needs to flourish. Not only do we offer everything you need to get started, our professionals offer in home consultations that allow us to better service your exact needs.

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Gardening Products & Supplies

Our vast selection of indoor gardening equipment and supplies are available in store and online. You can rely on Grow Kings to bring you the most up to date products and personalized service within the industry, no matter where you shop. Best of all, we offer shipping throughout the United States and Canada! Whether you shop with us locally or visit our online store, you will have access to the superior selection and affordable pricing Grow Kings offers all their clients.

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tools for managing your growing environment

Growing Environment

products for great plant propagation and nutrition

Plant Propagation
& Nutrition

A wide variety of growing mediums and containers available

Growing Mediums & Containers

Grow Tents, Systems, and Trays

Growing Tents, Systems
& Trays

Water and aeration products

Water & Aeration

Tools and accessories necessary for indoor gardening

Growing Tools
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resources to help you have a successful indoor garden


Our Vendors

We work with the best suppliers in the industry. If you are looking for something that you don't see on our website don't hesitate to reach out.

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