From fixtures to reflectors, ballasts, lighting components and more, Grow Kings offer everything you need for lighting your growing environment.
  • Grow Kings - Spectralux® HPS Lamps

    Spectralux® HPS Lamps

    Spectralux® High Pressure Sodium Single-Ended Lamps feature high lumen output and 2000° K color temperature, making them ideal for horticultural ap...

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  • Grow Kings - Spectralux® T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Lamps - 4 ft - 54 Watt - Blue - 6500K
    from $8.46

    Spectralux® T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Lamps

    These high-quality T5 HO lamps are excellent for all indoor gardening applications. Use the color of your choice for the growth phase of your plant...

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    from $8.46

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