Coco Coir Gardening

Coconut Coir in the Garden

Coco coir is the fibrous husk and pithy dust of the outer layer of ripe coconuts. Most people are unfamiliar with this part of the coconut because this layer is removed from the fruit before it is shipped to the grocery store. Coco coir as a grow medium has become more common in recent years as the popularity of indoor gardening has increased. Coconut fiber retains water, provides aeration, and defends against insects, which make it ideal for gardeners to use when setting up their grow rooms.

Basic Types of Coco Coir

There are three basic types of coco coir and each has their own benefits when used in gardening. A mixture of the three types is most beneficial for indoor gardens. Experienced growers can mix their own however, premixed coco coir products are available for purchase for convenience.

Coco Pith (Coconut Peat): Coco pith is of a similar consistency of peat moss and is incredibly dense. This type of coco coir will drown a plants root system if used alone, it is best used in combination with coco fiber and chips.

• Coco Fiber: Coco fiber visually looks like a bundle of strings. This type of coco coir allows oxygen to pass through to the plant’s root system. When used alone, coco fiber isn’t extremely absorbent and breaks down over time which decrease the amount of air to the roots of the plant.

• Coco Chips:
Coco chips are little chunks of coir that bring together the good aspects of peat and fiber. Chips retain water and allow room for air which make it an ideal product to use when planting a garden indoor.

Coconuts bring indoor and outdoor gardeners alike coco coir grow medium

Benefits of Coco Gardening

Rapid Harvests and Large Yields

Like hydroponics, coco coir produces plants that grow fast and produce more product. Gardeners using drain-to-waste growing with the proper water bath nutrients can expect their plants to spend less time searching for food and more time cultivating.

Whether you are looking to get into coco gardening, or you need help maintaining the coco coir balance in greenhouse plants, Grow Kings has everything you need!

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