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Grow Kings Plymouth, MI location serves the needs of all Southeast, MI including the residents of Canton. Unlike other indoor gardening specialist our grow experts don’t just serve the local community, they live and play there as well! Being active in the community is just one way that Grow Kings differs from “other” indoor garden supply centers. Our experts have personal experience growing indoors throughout Michigan’s ever-changing seasons. Believe it or not the weather outside does affect indoor gardening.

Your Indoor Garden Location

Is your garden located inside a shed, garage, or attic? Depending on the location you have dedicated to your indoor garden you may need to add insulated foam boards with a reflective barrier, to keep as much heat as possible in during the winter. If you are an indoor gardener who has decided to use a grow tent a lightweight radiant heat barrier can help save your garden from the cold that wreaks havoc on Michigan residents throughout the winter season. In basements and sheds consider adding a poly-style tarp with a painter cloth overlay on the floor to also help keep heat in.

Elevating Your Containers Indoor

Low cost pallets are a wonderful way to elevate soil gardens indoor. Pallets lift the containers up off the floor and form a barrier between the cold ground and the root system of your plants. If your indoor garden has large containers, consider using wheeled platforms to help you move the heavy containers around and keep them up off the floor.

Indoor gardeners can also consider wrapping indoor garden containers and nutrient feed lines with foam insulation to keep them from freezing. Many Canton, Michigan residents are familiar with this technique as most homeowners find themselves adding foam insulation to pipes in crawl spaces or on outside walls.   

Grow Lights for Indoor Garden Plant Containers on Raised Pallets
Soil Grow Medium for Indoor gardening
Handling Winter Humidity within Michigan Grow Rooms

Moisture is a headache Michigan residents experience during both the winter and spring. When humidity exists in excess there is a potential for mold, pests, and other moisture related issues. A humidifier can help alleviate the excess of moisture in the air, just remember a little humidity is necessary as it helps plants to breathe and cool down, a process known as transpiration.

Grow Kings Is Here to Help Canton Gardeners
Our experts know how difficult it can be to grow indoors. From herb gardens to houseplants the experts at Grow Kings can help you with your indoor growing equipment and supplies, Canton, Michigan.

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