Indoor Soil Gardening

Indoor Soil Gardening

We all know that indoor gardening has become increasingly popular both as a hobby and as a way of sustaining families. While many indoor cultivators have had success with growing mediums other than soil, it remains a popular option because of its simplicity. Soil is the gold standard of growing media for herbs, vegetables, fruits, and plants indoor. Its reputation for being easy to use, accessible, and all natural makes it an excellent source for beginners and organic growers looking to garden indoors.

Starting a Soil Garden Indoors

Indoor soil gardens are fairly simple and straightforward to start and maintain. Whether you are dedicating an entire room to your soil garden or just getting started with some small potting containers, these six tips can help you get started.

Indoor Soil Garden Tips:

   - Pick a potting soil mix with the proper pH for your gardens need
   - Choosing the right room - consider the rooms humidity, temperature, CO2, and air       circulation
   - Use quality water as it is an essential element for proper plant growth
   - Find a proper fertilizer/nutrient blend
   - Install proper grow lights – grow lamps, led grow bulbs, t5 fluorescent grow tubes, and UV lights are all popular options
   - Purchase testing equipment and grow room accessories

Overall indoor soil gardening is the quickest and easiest growing medium to get started with. Essentially, gardeners will add some soil to a small container, scatter some seeds, cover them with another thin layer of soil, sprinkle in some water, and add light, natural or synthetic. Within a week you should see some sprouts with a full harvest appearing just a few short weeks later.  

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Benefits of Growing with Soil

Proper Nutrients, Microbes, and Compost Combine to Create Soil for Indoor Gardening

The enjoyment and ability to use soil feels intuitive and natural, while newer developments such as hydroponic growing enable faster grow times and higher yields per crop, the process can seem sterile and scientific. Most gardeners enjoy the feeling and smell of plants and soil and can do so without too much confusion. There is a lot to learn about the unique needs of each type of plant, but there is also great satisfaction that comes from growing something in your own dirt.

Tailor Potting Soil to Your Plants Needs

The right potting soil for your garden will be customized based on the type of plants you are growing. Some plants, such as cactus and succulents, flourish in a well-drained, course soil that contains sand. While others such as herb and vegetable gardens do best in a mixture of soil that is loose and drains well. It should not be heavy or overly sandy and should include a healthy combination of organic materials.

Organic materials will keep the soil soft and allow the roots of the plants to spread out. Organic soil material can come from compost, rotted manure, or a combination of both. When properly spread through the soil it will act as a sponge to help retain water throughout the root system.   

Seedlings Started in Soil Growing Medium
Soil Product Recommendations

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