EcoPlus® Bottom Draw Submersible Pumps

SKU 728495
The EcoPlus® Bottom Draw Pumps are driven by a high powered magnetic rotor and oil-free motor which works great for small hydroponic systems, aquariums and fountains. The bottom draw feature allows you to lower your reservoir tank to a minimum by drawing the water from the bottom instead of the side. The pumps have a built-in flow regulator allowing full adjustability of your water movement. One moving part allows for trouble-free quiet operation. Comes with 3 additional fittings. Eco 66 unit is 3.6 in long by 5.9 in wide by 3.4 in high and is rated at 75 GPH. Eco 132 unit is 3.7 in long by 5.9 in wide by 3.6 in high and is rated at 132 GPH.

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