EcoPlus® Convertible Bottom Draw Submersible Only Water Pumps

SKU 727800
The EcoPlus® Convertible Bottom Draw Pump is the first hydroponic pump of its kind. With an interchangeable outlet fitting, this line of pumps fits almost all hydroponic applications. The bottom draw inlet allows the pump to operate in less than 1/2 inch of water. The convertible outlet offers the freedom of a horizontal or vertical water outlet, allowing the user to choose the best water flow option for their needs. US Patent Pending No. 14/642,557. 265 GPH unit is 4.3 in long by 6.1 in wide by 4.5 in high. 585 GPH unit is 5.3 in long by 6.1 in wide by 5.9 in high. 730 GPH unit is 5.2 in long by 6.1 in wide by 5.9 in high.

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