EcoPlus® Fixed Flow Submersible or Inline Pumps

SKU 728300

EcoPlus® Fixed Flow Rate Submersible or Inline pumps are great for a variety of application including hydroponics, aquariums, ponds and more. These magnetic driven pumps are constructed with a high quality rare earth rotor magnet which helps deliver an efficient, powerful and constant water flow. Pumps are oil-free and have a ceramic shaft impeller that allows for use in fresh or saltwater applications. Pumps include a variety of attachment fitting to choose from as well as a strainer and foam filter. For use indoors or outdoors. UL listed. All pumps are submersible/inline except for EcoPlus Eco 100 Fixed Flow which is submersible only. 185 Fixed Flow unit is 4.5 in long by 8 in wide by 3.4 in high. 264 Fixed Flow unit is 4.6 in long by 8.4 in wide by 4 in high. 396 Fixed Flow unit is 4.5 in long by 8.3 in wide by 4.4 in high. 633 Fixed Flow unit is 6.2 in long by 8.5 in wide by 4.7 in high. 1056 Fixed Flow unit is 6.4 in long by 8.5 in wide by 5.9 in high. 1267 Fixed Flow unit is 6.8 in long by 10.2 in wide by 6.6 in high. 1584 Fixed Flow unit is 10.3 in long by 6.9 in wide by 7.4 in high. 2245 Fixed Flow unit is 7.3 in long by 11.5 in wide by 7.3 in high. 3170 Fixed Flow unit is 7.6 in long by 12.3 in wide by 7.7 in high. 7400 Fixed Flow unit is 11.3 in long by 13.4 in wide by 8.5 in high. 4950 Fixed Flow unit is 7.8 in long by 12.4 in wide by 7.6 in high. 100 Fixed Flow unit is 3.6 in long by 6.1 in wide by 3.6 in high.

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