EcoPlus Mag Drive Utility Pump® - Submersible or Inline

SKU 748450
EcoPlus Mag Drive Utility Pumps® are premium quality, fixed flow, multiuse water pumps. These are high performance pumps with low power consumption and increased head pressure. They can be used as a submersible pump or in an external inline use with vertical output water flow. These pumps are quiet and reliable. Comes with a 15 ft 120V power cord. Includes the following attachments: 1 inlet screen with foam sediment pre-filter, 1 bottom draw adapter, 3 sizes of barbed out flow fittings and 2 sizes of barbed in flow fittings for optional external in-line operation. 500 GPH unit, 700 GPH unit and 900 GPH unit have a garden hose outflow fitting as well. This is the industry's most complete and versatile fitting package ever included with a pump! 250 GPH unit is 6.6 in long by 9.2 in wide by 5.3 in high. 350 GPH unit is 6.3 in long by 6.3 in wide by 5.5 in high. 500 GPH unit is 6.4 in long by 9.2 in wide by 5.6 in high. 700 GPH unit is 6.4 in long by 9.2 in wide by 7.0 high. 900 GPH unit is 6.5 in long by 9.2 in wide by 7.0 in high.  

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