Front Row Part B


Front-Row Ag Part B delivers essential concentrations of magnesium and sulfur to ensure optimized photosynthesis. Ideal volumes of potassium and phosphorus complete Part-B while balancing to Part-A.

Within the Part-B blend, surfactants evenly distribute fertilizer ions, water, and condition soil to hold more oxygen. To ensure unparalleled solubility, citric acid incorporated drives cation uptake. 

Part B dilutes clear into working strength solution using a deep blue dye to ensure dilution and injection are perfect. Product specification in regard to consistency can range from dry powder to kinetic sand without detectable EC change.

Great for injection systems such as Dosatrons, Argus injectors, electric diaphragm injectors, Venturi injectors or pneumatic injectors and direct from the bag into reservoirs, leech tanks, hand mix tanks, water tanks, and feed tanks.

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