HF Indoor Soil Grow Kit, 1-4 Plants


Looking to start an indoor garden? Our HF Indoor Soil Grow Kit has all the basic equipment to get started. This grow kit works for 1-4 plants and includes:

- LHT44 - Lighthouse Grow Tent 4x4
- SBCMH31531K - Sunburst CMh 120/240V 315W
- ACFB6 - Active Air 6" Inline Booster Fan
- LULIFT - Light Risers
- FX14000 - Fox Farm Ocean Forest
- RC1TP Smart Pot 1 Gallon
- RC4 - Smart Pot 4 Gallon
- TM01015 - Autopilot Analog Grounded Timer

See Sales Sheet for full product information. Free Shipping available in the continental US. 

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