Leader Ecodiver Submersible Pumps

SKU 727940
Highly reliable and powerful submersible multistage pumps produce high flow and pressure performances. Available with 2, 3 or 4 impellers, for supplying water for domestic and irrigation applications. Built with anticorrosive and rustproof materials. Motors with thermic overload protection. Wear resistant shafts and impellers. Anti-debris stainless steel strainer. This product has excellent cooing of the motor that enables the pump to operate even when it's partially submerged. Each pump has a 1 in discharge. 16 ft power cord. 750 unit is rated at 1/2 HP and 1560 GPH. 1000 unit is rated at 3/4 HP and 1620 GPH. 1200 unit is rated at 1 HP and 1620 GPH. 750 unit is 6 in long by 6 in wide by 14 in high. 1000 unit is 7.6 in long by 9.1 in wide by 18.1 in high. 1200 unit is 6 in long by 6 in wide by 16 in high. 

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