Titan Controls® Hercules® 2 - 50 Amp - High Amperage Controller

SKU 702770

The Hercules® 2 is a trigger operated, high amperage controller. This device allows you to operate up to 50 Amps of lights, heating or air conditioning by wiring 120 V or 240 V power through the Power Input and connecting your lights, heater or A/C to the Power Output. The appliances can then be activated by a trigger cord set via an environmental controller, timer or other such device. Featuring a 50 Amp heavy-duty contactor relay. Durable 20 gauge powder-coated enclosure. Compatible with Titan Controls® environmental controllers and timers! Can be wired for 120 V or 240 V applications. ETL listed for commercial applications. 50 Amps maximum/ 120 or 240 V/ 60 Hz.

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