Titan Controls® Medusa™ Series - 4 to 8 Light Flipper/Controller

SKU 703380
The Medusa™ Series of digital flipping and lighting controllers solves the headaches traditionally associated with lighting flippers. Not only does the Medusa™ Series flip lights, it's also a lighting controller, essentially being two products in one. Your ballasts and reflectors all plug into one unit! The digitally based design of the controller allows for the Medusa™ to properly flip and control your lights. An easy-to-use trigger cord is plugged into the Apollo® series timer (included) to control the switching between light banks. When powered ON, Medusa™ is powering Bank A by default. Once the trigger cord has been activated according the user-defined timing pattern, the digital part of the controller goes to work. With precision timing, the Medusa™ will turn OFF power to the ballasts, switch the relays to Bank B and then reapply power to the ballast (light Bank B.) This controller also incorporates Titan Controls® patent pending top off design for easy installation. Features a powder-coated steel enclosure that is designed for the harsh gardening environment. When failure is not an option, use Titan Controls®!

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